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Max Brinckmann
I am a Senior User Researcher and Digital Designer currently making science faster with the UX Strategy & Design team of healthcare and technology company Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. I love to write and to talk about UX related topics. Besides that, I am occasionally recording music, and most importantly, enjoying life with my wonderful family.
At Merck, the team and I are in the fortunate position to work on digital innovations throughout all business sectors and markets. During the last years, we researched, designed, and developed quite an amount of digital products for scientists, scientific researchers, patients, and many of our non-scientist colleagues. Watch our showreel and more on the UXSD website!
Medium Article: Romantic UX Affairs
I’m currently working on an ongoing series of online classes about all things UX and research. You can find my courses on Skillshare and on Udemy as well.
Medium Article: Romantic UX Affairs
Besides creating moving pictures, I enjoy to publish stories every now and then, covering topics around psychology and behavioural patterns within digital platforms. Have a look at my Medium!
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